Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Summer Rantings and Ramblings

My pregnant wifey is napping away on this July 16th afternoon of 2011. I am watching an episode of Doctor Who with the 10th Doctor on Netflix(It is complicated the character is an alien that regenerates into different bodies when seriously injured, ie new actors). I have already watched every epidsode available featuring the 11th Doctor so I started midway in the series that had Doctor 10. If you've never watched these they can be overwhelming and complicated to jump into at first but then they get addicting. Anyway the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack have been brought aboard the Dalek Crucible ship. Those Daleks are pretty creepy inside and out. They have a so called reality bomb.

 Meanwhile back in the real world my wife is pregnant with our baby daughter whom we will get to meet in December. Our elected officials are sitting up on Capitol Hill pointing fingers at each other throwing the blame back and forth as the government gets closer and closer to defaulting on the national debt if they don't pass a budget and make some much needed changes. Repubs want to slash Medicare and Social Security that the working taxpayers have been paying into for years and years. Dems want to tax the rich and I'm not really sure what else. Both sides are warped and are both fighting over how to spend the money that hard working class people like me and most of the rest of us have paid into the system for years. These politicians of BOTH parties are nothing more than bad money managers with their own opposing agendas but neither side can come together to a solution to clean up the mess that THEY the politicians made to begin with. I must admit I don't understand all of it, but what I do know is that DOCTOR WHO is way more entertaining than this and although complicated in itself, much easier to follow than this debt crisis mess.

Boo on Washington and this Debt Crisis  

Hurray for the Doctor and Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy and River Song.