Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's been new in 2013?

Back in the long ago year of 2010 when I was fatter and grouchier I posted a list of things my 3 years younger self was boy cotting. As I have not blogged this year at all I figured I would update a few things. I will share that list and update. Here it is:

1. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Update: Proud to say I have been strict and have not watched this show since Conan was messed over. I will watch again when Jimmy Fallon takes over next year.

2. BP- I still haven't bought gas from this company. It has been over 3 years since their mess and now they are whining  and not wanting to continue to fulfill their agreement to reimburse people for the harm they caused to their lives. Boycott still on indefinitely.

3. Kate plus 8--- Show was canceled. Now I refuse to watch Honey Boo Boo and that Double Divas show.

4. Anything on T.V. associated with Tyra Banks... not sure if she is on T.V. much anymore... boycott still in effect just in case

5. Jersey Shore-- Bam! Canceled.. I also have refused to watch Amish Mafia and and many other fakely produced shows.. especially those on MTV

6. Anything with a Kardassian-- This is a lifetime Ban... especially since they joined evil forces with Kanye and produced more entitled demon spawn

7. That Pretty Wild Show-- Don't think this one lasted.. one of the girls was arrested I think I heard

8. Chevron--- Not sure I remember why I was upset with them but I haven't bought any fuel from them that I am aware of... but this boycott won't last as I can't recall why I started it to begin with

9. The Bachelorette---- Lifetime ban

10. The Bachelor--- same as #9

11. Dancing with the Stars-- same as #9

12.Sushi-- This FAD has died down alot around here.. I could probably go for it given the opportunity now.. Not my first choice for dinner though

13.Partisan Politics--- I can't ever agree with either party.. Both are corrupted by special interest groups and are flawed and out of touch with the common working man

14.Jessie James (of West Coast Choppers)--- poser... tool.. etc..

15. Anything with Tom Cruise-- This ban is still in effect in the Barnes house...

What has changed? My first born is growing and growing and my Wife and I are extremely proud of her. We have still been dedicated to our workouts during the week. I don't have a GoRuck Challenge planned for this year.. but I am doing a MudRun.. The GoRuck Nasty obstacle course race.. and a Half Marathon this year.. Next year I hope to at least get another GoRuck event in and maybe a Ragnar Race if I can get enough team mates lined up and a marathon if I can get trained for it...

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