Saturday, August 7, 2010

Awesome business trip.

So in my job I work Corporate Security, but not how you might think. For our whole company there are only 2 people on the security team. My boss and myself. We are not security guards. That job is contracted out to several different companies at our many service centers. We coordinated security ops within the whole company and use our resources to handle any issue that comes up such as theft, safety, backgrounds, and access control. Recently down in Atlanta at our facility there had been a rash of pharmaceutical thefts. My boss and I had to pour through over 160 hours of video before we finally had a suspect. From there all we had to do was put out some bait and coordinate with the DEA in Atlanta. This was not easy and took us about a month to get going before we finally got to take our trip. It was an awesome sting operation and it was great to get to work in conjunction with the law enforcement officers down there to get our drug thief.  The guy was true to form and followed the pattern that we spotted on video. Everything went off without a hitch and we even finished on time to make the Braves game that afternoon. One of the many reasons I am thankful for and love my job.

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