Saturday, June 26, 2010

It is officially Summer time..

Summer came almost 2 weeks early but it wasn't official until this past Monday. It has been the hottest most humid June in TN that I remember in a while. Praise Jesus for Air Conditioning. I dread getting my electric bill.  At this moment on this Saturday I got up early and mowed the huge yard around the rental house Wifey and I just moved into almost 2 weeks ago. Due to other commitments, etc. we are still unpacking at a slow rate. At this time the US is behing to Ghana by 1 point in their 30 minute overtime period against Ghana. I'm hoping they pull through but the announcers are already talking gloom and doom as fickle sports announcers are so well known to do. On this not as hot as it has been Saturday my wife and I will be going to visitation for 2 people I went to church with in my hometown who lost their lives in a house fire. They are with God and I am happy for them although my heart hurts for their Surviving family. The BP Oil Spill continues to regurgetate(is that how you spell that word) the black mess into our Gulf waters damaging the environment in such a way as it will not be contained for many many years. The economy is on the rebound and hiring is on the upswing again so that is a good thing. My cousin just got married a week ago today and she is currently on her honeymoon in Antigua. The ceremony was awesome and Texas weather was suprisingly more bearable than it has been here with all of our TN humidity. going on about 8.5 minutes left in this match an the US will have to step up to even get a tie today and stay in the series. Soccer just looks like an awkward sport to me and I have to respect the athletes that play it. I've never really paid close attention to it before this year. Michael Jackson has been gone a year and just when the media hoopla started to let him rest they started up the one year remembrance stories. His doctor/enabler is just now getting ready to go to trial. I will probably purchasing a weedeater at some point this weekend to finish the problem areas in our yard. This is a major adult purchase for me and makes me feel all the more older. Now I need a chain saw and an air compressor. Met my 3 month old nephew on my wife's side Cole for the first time this past week. He is a good baby. Gives me positive hope that the wifey and I will have kids as good as our nieces and nephews. Well, not much more to ramble on about so I will end this for now. Ghana 2 USA 1. Less than 2 minutes left...

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