Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Week so far

Man the weather has been awesome this week the seldom few times I have been outside to enjoy it. My boss is on Vacay down in disney with his wife and kids and will be gone all week. Meanwhile I have 4 claims I am tracking 3 of which they want answers on right now, along with the badge access calls and requests and calls from our contractors all over our coverage areas doing stuff....All in all it makes the day go by faster. Rented some movies and also caught a matinee this weekend.

Saturday afternoon we saw Alice in Wonderland. Wifey wasn't crazy about going and seeing it but she ended up liking it and so did I. The effects were okay but the 3-D seemed forced. Was good but I could have waited for DVD.

Rented Law Abiding citizen and I loved it. Was it wrong for me to pull for the main antagonist Gerard Butler? Jamie Fox's character was just too cocky, arrogant, and pretentious all the way to the end. Character was probably written that way but I didn't like him. Good rental I recommend it if you like action thrillers.

Rented and watched The Informant last night. Don't bother unless you are having problems sleeping. It was a valuable lesson. Don't rent flicks that are pimped all over NPR.

Saw the tail end( only important part) of the Oscars. Although I haven't seen every movie nominated I had seen many of them. I have to agree with most of the awards. Hurt Locker was a great flick and so was Avatar. I also really liked The Blind Side and agree that Sandra Bullock deserved best actress.Meryl Streep has won it enough.

So the wifey and I are about to begin house hunting. Living in an apartment complex is starting to get on our last nerve and we want peace and quiet. Wish us luck...

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