Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is here Woot!Woot!

Looks like spring is here. The weather has been beautiful these last two days. I got to meet my two nephews that came home last week. They are one month old as of yesterday and they are doing great. My sister in law in Georgia gave birth to a son on Sunday as well and he is doing great as well, but I won't get to meet him for a little while yet. That puts me at a even balance of 3 niece's and 3 nephews. God is good.

I've been busy with theft investigations at work and trying to track down the thieves we have in our big company. We are about to start taking more aggresive measures which will produce some good results.

My wifey and I have been married 300 days today. She is awesome and I am blessed to have her. God has been good to me.

I try not to get too worked up about politics but I catch both sides of the partisan lines between my Dad and my Father in Law. I am firmly in the middle with my leanings. I find things on both sides of the fence that I can disagree with. People are ranting about the Health Care issue. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know that if the issue at hand were something important to the right all of the angry pundits from AM radio and the Fox News channel would be all about it, but low and behold they are not in power now. A stink is being raised about reconciliation, but it has been used 17 out the last 23 times by Republicans. Also the same Republicans against government healthcare are not willing to give up the government healthcare that they enjoy with their plans. Politicians everyone on both sides are Hippocrites and should have term limits imposed on them. They lose touch with the common man and woman sitting high on their thrones on Capitol Hill while they vote theirselves raises and sneak earmarks into every legislation that hits the floor so they can grease the wheels for the companies that contribute to their campaigns. On the other hand, I don't want to pay for insurance for a bunch of immigrants and drug users who won't even be paying in to Social Security or their income taxes. Good people work construction or other Blue Collar jobs and don't have benefits or insurance that need it while there are those that don't even work that can have as many babies as they want paid for by you and I. The system is broken so it seems and we are stuck in a lose/lose situation that will bite the working man on the bottom either way it pans out. It's a good thing I serve a higher power that is above and beyond all of this worldly madness and injustice.

I need to go to the Comic Book store to get some books to take my mind off of all of this madness.


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