Saturday, March 27, 2010

Run! Fatboy Run!

So I got a wild hair up my 4th point of contact last week and signed up for a 5K run over at the College Campus. I have been in and out of the gym rather inconsistently since I have been out of the Army. I work at a desk job where I am often sedentary for hours watching security footage trying to catch the associates on our many loading docks pilfering our customers freight, so as you can imagine I have become rather soft in the middle the last 3 years. I have whined about being a fatbody and so I finally on impulse decided to run this 5k which after having done it this morning I plan on it being the first of many. I was just glad to make it and finish and while hanging around hoping just to win a door prize after the race this morning, I was more than surprised to hear that I placed 2nd in my age bracket. I didn't break any records or do anything amazing but it is motivating to be recognized and I was given a Challenge Coin from the ROTC that held the event. I ran with a 50 something year old man and with a 20 something female that came up behind me. We motivated each other to keep going and not to walk. It was good to get out and be active. Anyways, I might not place again for a while but I'm going to keep running in these little runs so I can improve and hopefully drop some weight from this fatbody.


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