Thursday, March 4, 2010

I heart Thursdays

The winter olympics are over. I am very relieved to go back to my regularly scheduled programming. There is supposed to be a good episode of The Office on tonight and Biggest Loser will be back soon and of course the Celebrity Apprentice starts soon also. I have not and will not be watching the new-old host of what used to be the Tonight Show. Big jaw killed it. I can't wait until Conan's debut on Fox next year. Fringe is not coming back for a few more weeks and Chuck is still a pretty decent show also and of course it's the final season of Lost which has been pretty good so far. The wifey is watching survivor all stars which I could give or take. I never really got into that show so it's no big deal to me. The Mentalist is on tonight too but I think they have it opposite of the Office now so I'll probably miss it.

So at work today I started tracking a missing shipment of Microsoft goods. Most likely Xboxes and Zunes. I have to watch footage from last week in Memphis and see where a skid of about 64 pieces went. I've already found a couple of inconsistencies on the freight bill so we'll see what turns up there.

I saw a cool bumper sticker today that read: " God is neither Republican nor Democrat" and I have to say that I agree. Going to see my jarhead barber Jonathan tomorrow. I always know it's time to get a haircut when the wifey mentions how gray my hair is getting. No trip to the comic store this week so nothing geeky for me to look forward to. My sister gave birth to twin boys that came early a couple of weeks ago and I found out from Mom that they are both the proper weight to get sent home and they are both now starting to take the bottle pretty good so I might get to meet them in a week if they come home. I am just flexing my blog muscles on this so as my second entry is almost complete I hope this is getting better. My wifey just hopped in the shower so I am changing the channel from Survivor: Allstars because some long hair hippy from East Tn is crying because one of the other villains said something crass about and doesn't share his own opinion about how awesome he is. Can't win the big money wussing out there girly boy.


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